Mission Statement

At Hickory Ridge United Methodist Church, our purpose is to communicate God’s Word through evangelism, to provide fellowship and community to believers, to educate God’s people through discipleship, to demonstrate God’s love through service, and to celebrate God’s presence in worship.

History of the Congregation

Hickory Ridge Methodist Protestant Church was organized in 1847 by the Reverend Allison Gray.  The six charter members were Mr. And Mrs. James Crews, Mrs. Pattie Banner, Miss Mary Banner, Mrs. Nancy Cox, and Miss Louisa Cox.  Some of their descendants worship here now.

The first services were held in a log schoolhouse near where the present church now stands by the Reverend Quinton Holton, a traveling preacher of the old Yadkin Circuit.  This circuit included Davidson, Forsyth, Stokes, and Surry Counties.  Since the circuit was larger, services weren’t held very often.

In 1848 the Reverend George Whitaker from Enfield held a camp meeting under an arbor on the school grounds.  A number of converts were added to the group. Many other camp meetings were held. As the membership grew, it saw the need for a church building. William Cox and Matthew Crews bought two acres of land. One acre was bought on September 8, 1850, at a cost of $7.00. Immediately a frame building 30 feet by 45 feet was erected. This was a good church for that time. The group worshiped in that building until the early 1900’s, when a larger one-room frame church was built on the second acre of land, which was purchased on December 31, 1891 at a cost of $25.00. This church building remained in service until early 1952.

In 1939 when the Methodist Episcopal, the Methodist Episcopal South, and the Methodist Protestant denominations united, Hickory Ridge became a member of the greater Methodist Church.

On Thanksgiving Day 1951, the foundation for a new brick veneer church was staked off.  This church had a sanctuary, four classrooms, a dining room, and a kitchen. The first service in the new brick structure was held April 6, 1952, by the pastor, the Reverend Fred L. Setzer.

Still the congregation grew.  In July 1958 a lot 60’ x 150’ was purchased from Silas Moser. A second groundbreaking service was held July 5, 1959.  Construction began and on Easter Sunday 1960, we worshiped in our new church.  The Reverend R. A. Hunter was pastor.  He served two separate terms, a total of 16 years.

The old sanctuary was used for an assembly room for Sunday school until early 1964 when it was converted into a nursery, a library, two small classrooms, and one large classroom.

Hickory Ridge Commemorative China Plate

In the late 1970s, Rev. Robert Kerr started a music group called The Mustard Seeds, made up of a number of young people from Hickory Ridge United Methodist Church and Palmyra United Methodist Church. The group recorded an album titled “Looking for the Day.”

Other ministers who have served our congregation are as follows:

Pastor’s Historical PositionPastor’s NamePastor’s Years of Service
1stCicero Harris
2ndI.I. York
3rdJ.F. Dosier
4thRev. Modin
5thRev. Austin
6thE.G. Loudermilk
7thW. C. Lassiter
8thO. P. Ruth
9thJ. G. W. Holloway
10thRev. Lucas
11thT. A. Williams
12thA. O. Lindley
13thC. H. Whitaker
14thW. F. Kennett
15thE. A. Bingham
16thGeorge Curry
17thR. C. Stubbins
18thL. W. Gerringer
19thR. A. Hunter1930-1939
20thJoseph Shackford1939-1943
21stAubert M. Smith1943-1948
22ndC. E. Murray1948-1949
23rdJohn R. Hamilton1949-1952
24thFred Setzer1952-1954
25thR. A. Hunter1954-1961
26thJames Murr1961-1962
27thEdwin Williams1962-1965
28thDwight Whitlock1965-1966
29thTabor Wood1966-1969
30thMax Dulin1969-1970
31stFrank Heffner1970-1974
32ndRobert L. Kerr1974-1980
33rdJimmy Holland1980-1983
34thBob G. Wolfe1983-1987
35thRoy L. Grant1987-1989
36thJames Purdy IV1989-1993
37thLoy Kennedy1993-1997
38thLewis Poag1997-1999
39thJack Danley1999-2003
40thG. Tony Griffin2003-2007
41stCatherine Vlastakis2007-2008
42ndNancy W. Johnson2008-2009
43rdMary Lautensleger2009-2010
44thWesley McLeod2010-2021
45thCraig M. Toth2021-present